The Path of Truth is Not a Bed of Roses – Part-3

The masses of humanity, who do not belong to a Master’s circle, find themselves in a case and situation that is very different—indeed, quite the reverse—of what we have been describing. For in spite of their most warmly felt and sincerest desires to “fall in line” in the spiritual pursuit, they are doomed to pass through the hardest of trials and the tests of many years; yet even still what they acquire is all too little, indeed, trivial, when one considers the measure of their aspiration. Why?

Because, as is rightly indicated by the title of our talk, this line that we are speaking of—the path of Truth—is indeed no bed of roses, and hardly any manage to endure, let alone succeed amidst, the severe trials the Guru subjects them to. All fail, one after the other, for one reason or the other. Hence it is that Shri says, stand firm, stick to your Guru, and remain true to the one cause—which is the cause of Truth alone. Do not fluctuate, like a weathercock, with each passing breeze. Boldly face the opposition of the whole world while upholding and sticking to your Guru or Cause. Do not leave him, whatever the odds you are facing. The force of Maya is exceedingly neat, indeed, at times irresistible, even for great heroes and mighty fighters for truth. Yet despite all of this stand firm like a rock, letting the strongest winds of unimaginable difficulties to blow themselves out and pass away without affecting you.

Always remember: he who falls into the spiritual line and sincerely desires for advancement has to experience hardships at every step. When, for example, one wishes to surrender oneself to a Guru, from the very outset he meets with opposition from his own family and society. If he manages to overcome this obstacle, monetary and financial woes afflict him—or else afflict his family and dependents. And if that test is passed a third challenge awaits him in the form of physical ailments that disable and dishearten him. And so on and on it goes. Only those who have created within themselves a general dislike of or apathy towards material Maya can withstand these adversities. And yet, the spiritual seeker is where he is; Truth and Realization are a long, long way off.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p368
11-February-1927, Akolner



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