The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Special precautionary instructions


The Master devotes careful attention to the individual needs of the disciple, and the first thing he does is to protect the disciple from influences that will divert his attention from the path or interfere with his progress. Often the Master requires the disciple to accept some kind of temporary isolation so that his mind is guarded against impacts that might impede his spiritual progress. Thus some yogis, under instructions from their Masters, prepare their own food and do not allow anyone to remain present at the time of eating it. The reason is to avoid impressions of evil from the glance of bad persons. A disciple is also likely to catch the impressions of another’s lust, just as a clean cloth may be readily soiled by dirt.

In the earlier stages the aspirant must guard against any complications that might arise through association with others who are not on the path. But the Master gives special instructions for the severance or avoidance of certain connections and contacts only when they are specifically indicated for a special case.

In most cases, however, all that is necessary is secured merely by the constant company of the Master, and no need arises to submit the disciple to actual isolation. Although the disciple may be outwardly in touch with the world, he remains mentally detached from it because of his inner connection with the Master.

– Discourses 7th Ed., p 188

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