The significance of obedience to Baba

A child is born and as he grows, his consciousness also increases. From childhood to youth, middle age and old age, but not a thought occurs to him as to from where and for what he has taken birth. Births after births pass in this way. He only thinks of worldly things, never about the Real thing. Rarely does someone become really awake. This dream is far too long.

Hafiz says thousands of lovers out of love for God are rolling in the dust, but hardly one realizes Him.

It requires cycles upon cycles for a man to get enlightened. Books say that even after eons, [only] one finds God. But this is the time when those who obey me will realize me.

It is important to obey me cheerfully. If that is not possible, at least obey., p3734
Nov, 1955; Meherabad (1955 Sahavas)


“Love and direct relatedness with the Avatar is the high road of all roads of inner development. And while I am in the body, and for some time after I drop my body, the potential for love and direct relation is there and should be used.”
(Glow International, Feb, 1994)

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