The Universal work of the Avatar produces a reflex action


Question: What are the psychic, mental, and spiritual reactions to preserving silence as you have done for so long, and in what degree do organizations react from the same practice over a short period of time?

Baba: Universal Mind and Infinite Consciousness have infinite ways of working universally. So whichever work one does, it reverberates throughout the universe and produces a reflex action. If the Master fasts, the result of fasting is felt spiritually by the whole universe. A Master’s work is always for the spiritual end. If he observes silence, the same result is brought about.

 At present the world is laboring tinder terrible economic chaos. To follow the spiritual path and to enable the mind to accept the spiritual, the material needs must be satisfied to a certain extent. So when I give food and clothing to the poor with my own hands, the result will be that the world will gain its economic and material welfare. When I give the mad and lepers a bath, the effect will be that those of subnormal or abnormal consciousness and the lepers will either get cured or have their future births lessened.

 When I ask any one of you to bathe a leper, your doing it serves a dual purpose. In the first place, you are trained to tackle difficult work, which automatically, from the spiritual standpoint, results in the gradual elimination of your ego, and secondly, the habit of obeying my orders implicitly and unquestioningly is developed. For example, if I ask you to observe silence, and if you have the sufficient grounding in that respect, I can then rely upon you to obey me in other, similar difficult tasks.

 Also, as you are near to me and connected with me, your observance of fast, silence, or bathing of the lepers will affect the whole range of your work for me.

 Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p128

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