“They are poor, but their hearts are clean”


The following day, Baba again spent time with his Hamirpur lovers. They were all poor, but had made the long and costly journey nonetheless. Baba remarked:

I like their love! They don’t need discourses and explanations. They come with love and for love. To them, my embrace and darshan are sufficient. I do not have to undergo the headache of explaining things to them.

When the Avatar descends, he receives love from the poverty-stricken, the downtrodden, the backward classes and those suffering disease. Fishermen were the companions of Christ, cowherd boys of Lord Krishna. And it is these [Hamirpur] people who are my lovers! They are poor, but their hearts are clean. Their love pleases me.

Explanations and discourses are necessary only to create love in the literate and intellectual people who come. Not for these people.

One day Baba remarked to those gathered: “For me, all of you are presidents, prime ministers and cabinet ministers. They can come, they may come, and they will come, but those who come for love: that is quite different.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4665
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad


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