Mental conflict – Part 1 of 2

The mind contains many heterogeneous sanskaras; and while seeking expression in consciousness, they often clash with each other. The clash of sanskaras is experienced in consciousness as mental conflict. (Discourses p38)

 [I]nternal conflict…is never absent as long as experience is being faced from the point of view of the ego… (Discourses, p162)

 The sure sign of a real hidden conflict is the sense that the whole of one’s heart is not in the thought or action that happens to be dominant at the moment…On such occasions an attempt should be made to analyze one’s mental state through deep introspection, for such analysis brings to light the hidden conflicts concerning the matter. When the conflicts are thus brought to light it is possible to resolve them through intelligent and firm choices. (Discourses, p164)

(source: The Alphabet Board, Chris Maier, p46)

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