Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 1

Hafez has elucidated all of the facts discussed so far, as well as other points to be gone into now. In splendid style. Continuing on this subject after a brief interlude, shri went on to explain:

Now I will repeat to you the same story, but from a different perspective and in a different light. A certain fixed time (amuk vakhat) and certain definite principles (niyam-rudhi) always have their place in the carrying out of both internal and external work. This is particularly so with regard to circle members who are being prepared for being made perfect: the preparations for their perfecting always entail a certain time and working. Now, a Sadguru can make anyone a Majzub any time he likes; but to make someone a realized Salik, that necessitates “time and working.” Let’s take an analogy. Your handkerchief, here being compared to the mind, has twists and knots in it, which represent the mind’s sanskaras. Now these twists and turns in the sanskaras can be undone and destroyed in two ways: by reversing them, whereby one uncoils them in the opposite direction; or applying a lighted match stick and burning them up. The difference between these two methods is that the burning actually destroys the original handkerchief along with the knots, while the method of reversal (unwinding the loops and turns) serves the purpose of wiping out the sanskaras, but at the same time it keeps the original handkerchief intact. This handkerchief can be compared  to your mind (man), while you yourself (the owner of the handkerchief) can be compared to the atma:

you = atma
the handkerchief = your mind

The Knowledge or Realization bestowed upon the one destined to be a Majzub is given not to his mind (man) but to his atma or soul directly. The Majzub’s mind is burnt up and destroyed, while the Knowledge (Jnan) imparted to circle members pertains both to the mind and the soul as well. After Realization, the circle member works with that (realized) Mind when he descends back to the world for duty.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p311
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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