Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 2

Realization comes at its proper time through the Guru’s grace. The seeds (bij) are sown, but time is required for their growth. These seeds won’t germinate before their time, and they won’t linger on after their time has expired. To take a concrete example: seed in the form of semen has been thrown out of the body, ejaculated; as time goes on, gradually this seed takes the form of a human body within the woman’s womb (garbhama bij ropayu); and when the form and growth are complete, only then does it (as the baby) emerge in its perfect condition. Otherwise, if you remove it prematurely, either by means of some medicine or through an operation, the contents of the womb—that is, the child inside—do indeed issue forth, but not in their complete and perfect form, … while if it had been left alone to follow its own natural course of growth, that is, if it had been allowed and granted its proper time, it would have issued in its complete and mature form without the necessity of external efforts to drag it out.

I myself am quite sure of having sown the seeds in my circle members who are being prepared for perfection, and I am equally sure of the result, that these seeds will grow to their complete and mature form, that they will become perfect: but only at the proper time!

Take another analogy. You are all convinced that the sun does indeed rise every morning at its appointed hour. Now given this assurance that the sun will rise, suppose you try to make it rise before its proper moment—say, sometime during  the night. Even if you scurry about and shout aloud with the voice of thousands, urging the sun to come forth, say at one or two o’clock at night, it never happen; the sun will never appear.

And just as surely as you know it as a fact that the sun does rise but only at its proper time in the morning, so you should take it as a fact when I say that those of my circle who are destined for perfection shall be made perfect—this assured and definite; but each at his proper time. But you for your part can’t keep quiet and have patience, since you haven’t the slightest hint or clue, let alone proof, of who among you are to be realized and when, of who belongs to the circle, and so forth. And none of this is any fault of yours. For you have no knowledge whatsoever of what all this business is about. In whom have the seeds of perfection been sown?—this you do not know and will not know, not even those among you who are destined to be made perfect; even those among you so destined will never know it, up until the last moment.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p313
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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