To bring out the “color” of anger

One day Moorty appeared at Guruprasad in a canary yellow shirt. Baba asked him, “How did you ever get your master’s degree? You don’t even know what color clothes to put on? You look ridiculous!”

The next day, Moorty came wearing a deep red shirt. Baba commented, “You look more ludicrous than yesterday. You really are a fool!”

The third day, Moorty came dressed in a bright blue shirt, whereupon Baba remarked, “For God’s sake, you look worse than before! Haven’t you got the least color discrimination?”

This irritated Moorty, and he asked somewhat sharply, “Then what color shirt should I wear?”

Smiling, Baba retorted, “Ah, except for the color you are now displaying, choose any other color. All this talk about your shirts was to bring out the ‘color’ [anger] you have just shown.”, p4519
April, 1959; Guruprasad


“The most important point to remember in all circumstances is to remain cheerful and happy. Spells of despondency, annoyance and disgust will assail you, but you should try not to show it on your face. Anger might come, but you should not express it.” (, p2587)

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