Want what I want!

On Tuesday, 14 April 1959, Deshmukh broached the subject of a certain young man he had chosen as a husband for his eldest daughter, Sanjeevani, 23. Baba replied, “I don’t like it; he is not suitable.”

Earnestly, Deshmukh rejoined, “Baba, the fellow is very good. He is educated and comes from a good family.”

Seeing that Deshmukh had already settled things, Baba relented, “If that is the case, proceed with the matter and let the match be made.”

Coming out of the hall, Deshmukh told others that Baba had given his approval and wished that his daughter marry the young man. Overhearing this, Baba called him back and corrected him: “Is it I or you who wishes that Sanjeevani wed this boy? Don’t talk like that!

“Want what I want! Instead of wanting what I want, you want me to want what you want. And when you succeed in getting me to agree to what you want, you even tell others that it is what I want. You have not only made me agree to what you have already made up your mind about, but you go tell others: ‘Baba wants so-and-so and my daughter to marry.’

“It is impossible for you to want what I want as it is impossible for you to love me as I ought to be loved. But at least do not always be wanting to make me want what you want. Hold on to me and try to obey me implicitly and fully in all I ask.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4519
April, 1959; Guruprasad

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