Blessings, love and grace

During darshan the next day, Sunday, 8 May, a visitor requested that Baba give him his blessings. Baba replied:

It is very easy for me to give blessings, because you are eager to receive them. The necessary receptivity is already there. But it is not so with love, because no one really wants to receive it as it should be received. The warmth of love is so unbearable that one who receives it has his whole being “blistered” and “blasted!”

The one who receives my love is completely ruined in the eyes of the world. To receive love, you have to lose everything — even your own self! Rarely has one the longing to receive love. I am the Ocean of Love, but no one is ready, as he should always be, to receive love.

As for my grace, I bestow it when I get the whim to do so. Grace means grace, and it is perfectly independent of merits and demerits., p4674
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad

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