Universe is based on duality


“Why do forces of evil predominate over forces of virtue?”

Baba:“It is all in the scope of Universal Law. The suffering that appears so grave is
necessary for happiness, as binding is necessary to experience freedom. Unless evil
temporarily triumphs, suffering cannot be experienced. This universe is based on duality.
Binding and freedom, good and bad, evil and virtue, are inter-dependent. If only one
aspect existed, there would be no interest or meaning in life. For the attainment of
ultimate freedom and happiness, temporary victory of evil over virtue is necessary.”

“Why does God who is so kind and merciful give suffering and pain to so many?”

Baba: “God has nothing to do with this. God is all, One-in-One. He is aloof and yet so
attached that whatever is done is by His Law of Love and Will … God is neither merciful
nor cruel in your ‘awakened’ state.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1977
January, 1939; Jabalpur

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