The supreme value of love compared to meditation

While Don Stevens had been working on editing the Discourses, halfway through the work he realized: “Good heavens, here are several discourses on the subject of meditation, and at no time since I have been under Baba’s thumb has he ever given me a meditation or concentration.”

Baba smiled and explained:

I am the Avatar and I must provide for all of the 700 to 1400 years that go by after I drop the body and until I come again. During my manifestation and for some time after I drop my body, the high road of all roads of inner development is love.

That road is now fully open to the aspiring seeker during the remainder of the lifetime of the Avatar and for some time after, and should be used. Eventually, however, the entry will gradually narrow and then the path will finally be accessible only to the very rare seeker. As I must provide for my lovers for the hundreds of years until I come again, it is necessary therefore that I make provisions now for their use during that period of time. For this, it will be necessary that they use a secondary route. One of the very best of these is that of meditation, and that is why I have given out these extensive discourses on meditation.

However, do not mistake me, because meanwhile — during my lifetime and for some time afterwards — it is a distraction and waste of an individual’s time and energies to use meditation. He should use all of his force and energies in utilizing this Path of Love that is fully open to him., p5195
Nov 1965; Meherazad

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