We must seek God in everyday life


To a group Baba stated:

I really am happy to see you today. Let me tell you this fact: there is nothing to worry about, nothing to be disheartened about. We are all, each of us, meant to be happy. God, who is within us all, is to be experienced as infinite happiness, and it can be done only through love for Him.

To find the Truth, one not only has to depend upon analysis and intellect, but on the heart. Intellectual understanding is not as important as experience through the heart. God is the only Reality, and He cannot be analyzed. Reason cannot reach Him. When one, through love, finds Him, one finds Him in everyone.

We must seek God in everyday life. Look for God; God loves those who seek Him, and when we seek Him with all our heart, we find Him in ourselves. The goal of life is to know God, the Infinite One, in everyday life. Baba gives you his love, that love which will eventually help you to find God.

Don’t worry. My love will give you that strength and conviction which makes you feel that you belong to God. Seek Truth with all your heart, and Baba will help – I am in this world to help people to love God, to find Him and to see Him.

Do your work selflessly, and you will be doing it for God. I will help you with my love, that you can do this perfectly.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3887

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