“Whatever little love you have for Me, hold on to it wholeheartedly”

After Baba greeted us and then, in His customary casual way, He asked, “Is there anything worrying you?”

When it was my turn to answer, I [Bal Natu] hesitated. Baba gestured, “Speak out.” Emboldened, I managed to stammer, “The one worry that plagues me is whether I will be able to hold on to Your damaan to the very end.”

Baba looked surprised and gestured, “Why?” I replied, “Baba, You are so infinite, so unfathomable and immeasurable; how can a most finite ordinary mind such as mine, with all its weaknesses, hold on to the damaan of the Infinite One?”

Baba made a face that seemed to say that if ever in the world there had been a foolish question asked of Him, this was it. After Baba had finished asking the others this question, He turned again to me and asked me to repeat my worry. I felt rather shy of doing this, but Baba’s face glowed with compassion and so I managed to repeat my worry.

Baba then made expansive gestures, indicating, “Yes, I am Infinite, I am Immeasurable.” And He added, “I am the Highest of the High, I am the Greatest of the Great.”

Baba looked at me pointedly and continued, “But you missed one thing. I am simultaneously the lowest of the low and the smallest of the small.” While expressing this, He clicked His fingernails, making a barely audible tick. This “tick” represented how infinitesimally small, while at the same time how infinitely Great, He is.

And then He concluded, “Whatever little love you have for Me, if you hold on to it wholeheartedly and honestly, you will naturally be holding on to the damaan of the Greatest of the Great, the Highest of the High.” Baba’s answer was so convincing and fulfilling for me, that its impact remains undiminished for me to this very day.

-“Glimpses of the God-Man”, Bal Natu, Vol 6, p238

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