When the Avatar is behind you

After meeting Baba at the Delmonico Hotel in New York in 1956, Henry Kashouty would often write to him requesting instructions. Baba had replied, “You must come to India.” Henry wanted to do this but he had little money. He began holding regular Monday night meetings at his home in Hampton, Virginia, but at one point he wrote to say, “I feel like the blind leading the blind.”

Baba responded, “When the Avatar is behind you there is no question of the blind leading the blind; your love, faith and highly developed sense of feeling and understanding of the Avatar of the Age is praiseworthy.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4372
May, 1958; Myrtle Beach


“Baba’s love is with his lovers always, helping and guiding them. And they should keep their love for him alive and aglow, by making him their constant companion in all their thoughts, words and actions, while carrying on their responsibilities, commitments and all other apparently necessary things of this world, though these have no foundation of their own in the domain of Reality.”  (Life At Its Best, p63)

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