World peace

Everywhere today man is rightfully occupied with the problem of world peace. If there is war, it means nothing short of racial suicide and total destruction. But world peace cannot be ensured through dogmas, however learned, or organizations, however efficient. It can be ensured only by a
release of unarguing and unconquerable love which knows no fear of separateness.

Humanity is not going to be saved by any material power‚ÄĒnuclear¬†or otherwise. It can be saved only through divine intervention.¬†God has never failed humanity in its dark and critical periods. The¬†greatest danger to man today is not from any natural catastrophe,¬†but from himself.

It is not possible to realize human brotherhood merely by appealing to high ideals or to a sense of duty. Something more than that is essential to release human consciousness from the clutches of selfishness and greed.

Today the urgent need of mankind is not sects or organized religions, but LOVE. Divine love will conquer hate and fear. It will not depend upon other justifications, but will justify itself.

I have come to awaken in man this divine love. It will restore to him the unfathomable richness of his own eternal being and will solve all of his problems.

-Life At Its Best, p44

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