Just do the work without consideration of results

Jalbhai, thinking he had finally found a boy whom Baba would like, brought Bhagirath Premraj Tiwari on the 26th. Bhagirath was a ten-year old boy from Parner village, whose mother had died, and Baba liked him very much. “Would you do the work I give you?” Baba asked him.

“Assuredly,” the boy answered.

Adi Sr. was sent to obtain the boy’s father’s permission, which he gave. Baba instructed Bhagirath to fill a clay water pot (called a chatti) for him each day and Bhagirath began doing so. He did it for 20 consecutive days, but Baba did not drink even once from that pot during this period. On the 21st day, Bhagirath did not fill the earthenware pot, yet Baba asked for water that day.

Explaining, Bhagirath said, “I did not fill the pot today.” Baba asked him why and he answered, “I filled it for 20 days, but you never drank from it. So I wondered what the point was.”

“What else do you have to do with it if I take water from the pot or not?” replied Baba. “You should do whatever work I give to you and that is all you should be concerned with.” Bhagirath learned a very good lesson and from then on was conscientious about obeying Baba.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1584
Dec, 1933; Meherabad


“My lovers are the medium of my outer work, which is a result of the inner work I do.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p5246)



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