Neither be carried away by wants nor don’t-wants


A young college graduate who had been loving Baba from his teenage years came for darshan with his two sons on Thursday, 12 May 1960. Baba remarked to him:

“Once you were a child, and now you have come with children. As one grows in age there is a nonstop flow of positive desires. ‘I want this … I want that … I want a wife … I want children … I want position … I want, I want, I want!’

“Whether you become successful or unsuccessful in fulfilling these desires, at a later stage there surges a wave of negative desires [in reaction], such as, ‘I don’t want this … I don’t want that … I am fed up with my wife … I am fed up with my position … I don’t want, I don’t want,’ et cetera.

“The real thing is that you should neither be carried away by the so-called pleasures, nor feel bored with them. You should face every situation with complete faith in God’s will.”, p4676
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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