“You value your breakfast more than you value Me”

Another V.I.P*. had come with his family to see Baba from an out-station. He seemed to be very sincere and loving. Baba asked him to come the next day at 9 A.M. as there would be some musical program. The gentleman arrived a little after 10 AM. After the usual prostrations, he sat down. A few minutes later Baba asked him why he came so late. He replied, “Baba, at the hotel our breakfast was served very late and so we got delayed.” Baba said, “You could have left your breakfast and come. You value your breakfast more than you value Me.” The fellow was in a tight fix, having all eyes focused on him. In such ways, Baba works to lessen one’s ego.

-Awakener 22:1, p39 (by Bharucha)

*V.I.P – very important person (societal status)

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