Your Best Friend

Baba is happy with your utter honesty. How often in His messages we find He stresses: “Be honest with God,” hence with yourself. Baba has also said, “I am whatever you take me to be. Love me, and do not try to understand me. I cannot be grasped by the intellect. I am only reached by love.”

So He says that He is happy with your relation to Him — not of a chela (disciple) but of a friend, a dear child. He says, “If you truly take Me as a friend then take Me as your best Friend; if you truly take Me as a Father then take Me as your parents — both Father and Mother.”

If you really do that then there is no need to say, “Yes, yes,” and mean, “No, no.” Your devotion as a friend and child will automatically and naturally mean “yes” in heart and outwardly as well.


-Letter from the Mandali, Vol2, p76

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