Skip all the in-between lives

Baba with Mastan

When Baba dropped His body, Mastan did not know at first what had happened. Then, one day I saw him come into the dining room, which he had never before done without first being called. He looked at Baba’s chair, and saw that Baba was not there. And very slowly he walked around and out of the dining room, and then lay down in the passageway with a very deep sigh.

A few days later Mastan came to Baba’s bedroom alone, which, again, he never did without being called. As I watched he stopped by the foot of Baba’s bed and then very slowly walked in a complete circle around Baba’s bed. And then slowly left the room. He knew then what had happened, and he gradually gave up eating.

After that I had to hand feed Mastan his mutton, but unless I put it right down his throat he would spit it out. So Mastan got thinner and thinner.

It was now the end of March 1969, and it was time for us to leave for Poona for the 1969 Darshan at Guruprasad. Mastan was left at Meherazad in the charge of a servant who loved him. Before I got in the car to leave I went up to Mastan and patted his head. “Baba,” I asked, “You will make it easy for him”, and taking Baba’s Name I said goodbye to Mastan.

That was the last time I saw him; in the middle of April Mastan died. He had been quite hearty before Baba dropped His body, but he missed Baba’s love, and he gave up his life. That is how faithful to Baba Mastan was.

Baba had told us, “I will see that next birth Mastan takes a human form, and not just as an ordinary human being. He will be a very good soul who loves God.” So by Baba’s grace Mastan will skip all the in-between lives and will take birth as a God-loving person. Only Baba has the authority to do that. And that shows Baba’s Love for Mastan.


-“Mehera”, p237

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