Do you value a bicycle more than my words?

On August 24th, Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Rano were to be shifted to Karamchand’s bungalow in Nishat (Shalimar, Kashmir). Before proceeding to Nishat, Baba instructed Krishna to follow in the truck with their luggage and specifically not by bicycle. But after they had loaded everything in the truck, there was no room for the bicycle, so Krishna cycled to Nishat and Vishnu rode in the truck.

When they arrived, Baba scolded Krishna, “Why did you fail to carry out my order? I told you not to ride your bicycle.”

“There was no room in the truck for the bicycle. The driver refused to take it and I …” Krishna pleaded.

“You call that obedience? You should have thrown the bicycle away. Do you value a bicycle more than my words? Is your bicycle greater than my orders? Why don’t you obey me?”, p2968

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