Your love is the most precious offering you can give


The Hut in Meherastana, Mahewa where Baba declared His Avatarhood publicly by stating “Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!”*

A poor carpenter had done his utmost to erect Baba’s hut in Meherastana, Mahewa, Hamirpur District (see photo above). While laboring in the cold day and night, he had fallen ill. He was so ill that when Baba arrived he could not attend the darshan program.

The next day, with a crowd trailing behind him, Baba himself came to the poor man’s tiny, one-room hut. Hearing noise outside, he came out and was dazed at seeing Meher Baba there. He ran to him like a crazed man and fell weeping at his feet. Baba and the mandali raised him up on his feet and led him back inside to his bed. Sitting next to him on the broken cot, Baba wiped away his tears with his hand. “O Lord, forgive me,” the man cried. “I cannot offer you anything. No fruit, no flower, no coconut – still you have been merciful enough to enter a poor carpenter’s hut.”

Baba answered compassionately, “Your love is the most precious offering you can give.”,  p3984


What you have been doing always is thinking of yourself, so now you must not think of yourself, but think of others. This is what is called “love.” But it needs character, poise, perseverance. (lordmeher (First Ed., 2544)

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