Deceivers are our friends

THAT DAY, Harish Chander Kochar came before Baba for darshan. Daily, he would sit outside in front of Baba’s bungalow and consequently his mental and financial condition deteriorated. Baba stated, “Whatever you have to say, tell me in five minutes; and whatever you say, speak honestly.”

“Free me of my mental anxieties,” Kochar requested, “and permit me to stay with you, as the world is a fraud and I do not wish to live in it. People ridicule me for my simplicity and I will die one day because of it. Permit me to be present here daily when you are discoursing to the mandali.”

Baba replied, “Those invited to the discourses will be stopped from coming from tomorrow. My lovers who were coming for work will also be prevented from coming.”

Referring to those persons who would jeer and mock Kochar, Baba added: “You do not know about God and the path. If people act dishonestly with us, if people create difficulties for us, if people deceive us, and yet we remain honest, we are very fortunate, because these deceivers, our so-called enemies, are our friends. They wash off our weaknesses, our sins, and make our path clear toward God. They do not deceive us, but they help us and deceive themselves.”

Baba then gave Kochar these instructions:

“First: Remain honest at all costs and under any circumstance.

“Second: In business disputes, take all necessary legal steps as advised and try your best, but not with a feeling of bitterness. I will help you internally.

“Third: Love me more and more.”

Kochar prayed to Baba to give him strength to follow these orders, and Baba remarked, “Whenever I give instructions to anyone, I also at the same time give him the strength to carry them out.”,p4101

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