31 Oct 2012 – A day before the East-West Gathering – some incidents

Guruprasad Bungalow, Pune


[Baba met with His Western lovers on 31st Oct 1962, a day before the start of the East-West Gathering, […]

30 Oct 2012 – Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)- concluding part 8

Baba upon the Seclusion Hill, Meherazad


(Continued from previous post)

[Baba started the Manonash work (the God-determined step) on 16 Oct 1951 […]

Program schedule – East-West Gathering – 50th Anniversary Commemoration – 1-4 Nov 2012, Meherabad

1962 East West Gathering


Venue: Amphitheater, Upper Meherabad


East-West Gathering 50th Anniversary Commemoration Program

Meherabad 1st-4th November 2012


21 Oct 2012 – New Life means ‘Absolute Renunciation’


Meher Baba with companions going for begging at Dr Nath’s house in Benares



“Hopelessness means renunciation of all hopes. […]

20 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (final part)


(continued from previous episode)


Two more years slipped by and then the telegram came “Leave all and come to me.”

At once […]

19 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (part-3)

(continuing from previous episode)

Out of his obedience to Baba and in fulfillment of the responsibility that his Master had assigned to him, the young […]

18 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (Part-2)

(continuing from last episode)


“What have you renounced?” Baba asked.

“My wife, children, house, job everything. I have renounced everything. The world is dead […]

17 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (Part-1)

Interpretations of various Aspects of the New Life

by Bhau Kalchuri

What is the New Life? When the search for […]

16 Oct 2012 – The New Life is endless!


AFTER BREAKFAST on Monday, February 20th, 1950, Baba called the companions, and again explained in detail the implications and importance of the conditions. […]

13 Oct 2012 – How Eruch joined Baba’s mandali


Eruch Jessawala reading out Baba’s message from the alphabet board

(Eruch Jessawala 13 Oct 1916 – 31 Aug 2001)