20121106 The Four Journeys – Part 2


But value may be attached only to the Earth, where one begins the real journey, the inward journey. The wayfarer then begins to experience the subtle world, but it is not an experience of space, because the subtle world is not a world of space, but of higher consciousness. It is a much different degree of consciousness, a more mature consciousness. For the one who journeys within, everything remains as it is; his experiences are of a different nature. When he experiences the subtle world, he does not experience the gross world. That gross consciousness is no longer there; it has now become the subtle consciousness.

When he journeys farther on โ€“ but not in space; he remains where he is โ€“ his consciousness gets still more mature. It is now of the mental world, not of the subtle or the gross. Then he begins to know the thoughts of other individual minds, he knows what one is thinking. Then a stage is reached when he actually sees God the Infinite within himself; and this “seeing” is seeing God everywhere.

Then there comes a stage in the mental world when he finds himself facing a valley. There are two summits for him to cross. In between himself and God, he sees an abyss, a gulf. He sees God with conviction, but he cannot become one with Him. This is the stage ofย longingย โ€“ of infinite longing and separation. He wants to become one with God, but it is impossible because of the gulf between illusion and Reality.

If he is bent upon journeying deeper within, he becomes God. Illusion vanishes. He knows there was no universe, no three worlds, no body, no space โ€“ it was all just a shadow-play. He experiences that GOD ALONE IS. He experiences God’s knowledge, God’s power, God’s bliss. But he cannot use that knowledge, power, or bliss for others or for anything.

—www.lordmeher.org, p6004

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