20121126 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 1


Abdulla Pakrawan is seen seated beside Baba


[Among the boys  who had the ‘vision’, Abdulla Pakrawan’s experience stands out. Here begins  a series of postings on his wonderful experience.]


On January 11th, while Baba was discoursing to the boys and mandali who were seated on the platform outside his cabin, he disclosed, “Those whom I find worthy I shall attract to the mistress of love, and to them I shall offer theelixir of life. Children, only Truth is real – all else is worthless. Try and be diligent. I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloys.”

Suddenly, coming from Baba’s window, Abdulla saw an extraordinary flash of light. Overpowered, he fell down unconscious and at Baba’s direction he was removed to the hospital. Baba gazed compassionately at him as the men carried Abdulla away.

Although the weather was quite cold, when Baba removed his jacket, his chest was covered with perspiration. He was outwardly perspiring as he inwardly worked to change Abdulla’s consciousness. Baba was working to raise Abdulla to the sight of God – to the sixth plane in the mental world.

Resting at the hospital, Abdulla’s eyes looked empty – he had lost his normal consciousness. He was actually seeing God! And he remained in this elevated state for four days.

On the third day of Abdulla’s unconscious state, one of the Persian boys, Espandiar Vesali, went to see him in the hospital. “Abdulla, do you know me?” Vesali asked.

Abdulla, semiconscious, opened his eyes and replied softly, “Yes.”

“Who am I?” Vesali asked.

“You are Baba.”

A matchbox was lying nearby and Vesali picked out one match and held it up to him. “Do you see this? What is it?”

“It is Baba,” Abdulla answered.

Whatever Abdulla was asked he would answer with only one word, “Baba.” He saw Baba everywhere.

On the fifth day, Baba directed that Abdulla be given an enema. After this was done, he slowly regained some consciousness of his surroundings.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1006

((Photo courtesy: Lord Meher)

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