20130729 – Working methods of Baba


Baba continued, explaining about his own working:

There are three principal ways in which I work: individually, collectively with crowds for the masses, […]

20130714 – Soul and spirit

On Sunday, December 11th, Meher Baba discoursed about reincarnation, explaining what spirit means:

The soul always remains the same; it is only the spirit […]

20130712 – Worldly film show is unreal

Douglas Fairbanks joined his wife near Baba, who conveyed to him:

The whole universe and its structure, I have created. The universe is my […]

20130710 – “Things that are real are given and received in silence.”

“Things that are real are given and received in silence.”*

I speak eternally. The voice that is heard deep within […]

20130709 – “The breaking of my silence will help you to help yourself in knowing your real Self”

The world is now drawing very close to the great upheaval which must precede the breaking of my silence. This upheaval will entail great […]

20130708 – The problem of self-interest – Part 4 (Final)

The God-Man neither thinks nor desires. Through him, the divine will flows inevitably into perfect manifestation, passing directly from the spiritual body, which in […]

20130707 – The problem of self-interest – Part 3

Humanity, as constituted at present, uses three vehicles for the expression of thoughts, and experiences three states of consciousness. These three vehicles are: the […]

20130706 – The problem of self-interest – Part 2


But the elimination of self-interest, granting even a sincere desire on the part of the individual to accomplish it, is not so easy […]

20130705 – The problem of self-interest – Part 1

Since arriving in America, I have been asked many times what solution I have brought for the social problems now confronting […]

20130703 – The path to higher consciousness and the limited ego- Part 3 (Final)

The ego persists to the last. Not until all the six out of the seven principal states on the path are traversed, […]