“All worship returns to me”

On Sunday, April 16th, Baba discoursed to the westerners, spelling out: “When love for God reaches its zenith, it destroys the ‘I-ness,’ and all desires and longings. Nothing remains except God and his lover united as one! This is Perfection.”

“You do not know what love is; emotional feeling, intense longing and sexual attraction are nothing. When a person wants to possess something, it is not love.”

Baba then urged, “Love me, follow me and serve me!”

Kitty asked, “How can we help you in your work?”

Baba answered, “Love me and do as I say. Pure love makes one understand.”

It was Easter Sunday and Baba visited a Christian chapel with the group, remarking, “All worship returns to me. The sigh within the prayer is the same in the heart of the Christian, the Mohammedan, or the Jew. They are all indivisibly longing for the same God.”

Apr, 1933; (During travels)


“Christ’s greatness was not in his power and miracles, but in his humility in being crucified. His humility was his true greatness.” (The Awakener 4:1 p19)

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