Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, […]

“How can we retain contact with the Avatar constantly?”

Narayana Rao asked, “How can we retain contact with the Avatar constantly?”

In response, Baba clarified:

He means that now that Baba […]

Beware of anger!

At their weekly Thursday tea at the Family Quarters, Baba warned the mandali:

Beware of anger! The anger of a Sadguru is beneficial to […]

Act without caring for results

On the 25th, Baba spoke about taking action without caring about the results, referring in particular to Gandhi:

Even a great soul like Gandhi […]

Who is an atheist?

People of all beliefs were introduced to Meher Baba. Kumar brought an atheist to whom Baba stated:

Everyone is an atheist until he finds […]

Moral and spiritual progress alongside material progress

On Sunday, 15 December 1968, Dr. Grant came to Meherazad at 7:30 A.M. from Poona with his nurse, and gave Baba a blood transfusion […]

Avatar establishes contact between persons and places

“When a Master or Avatar moves from one place to another, he wants and establishes contact between persons and places. And while he does […]

What is real spirituality?

On January 27, during darshan at the Links, a new visitor asked Baba, “What is real spirituality?”


Given to only to those who are prepared

Sayyed Saheb claimed that when he read the Koran or the Hindu scriptures, he found them similar to the explanations given by Baba, while […]

Surrender is better than love on the spiritual path

Love and self-surrender both lead one to the Goal. But generally in the path of love, one drops his body after reaching the […]