God works in eternal silence

“Actually, everything in the evolutionary creation is wrought solely by the Infinite Power of God, Who works in eternal silence – from […]

“You will then be pushed away by the newcomers”


One lover abruptly entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and stated, “Be happy, don’t worry. I am […]

“I shall open my heart completely and keep it open”


“Only on certain occasions do I open a little of my heart and give out a little love. In Poona this time, I […]

The Real Word

[Baba’s message during 1965 Darshan]

This time of your being with me, I do not intend giving you a lot of words to exercise […]

The Word of Words


When I say that my manifestation is connected with the breaking of my silence, people should not expect an outpouring of verbosity. I […]

Urge to observe and break the silence


When Dr. Roy asked about the breaking of his silence, Baba replied, “The fact that I have observed silence is in […]

“Don’t do anything half-heartedly”



Baba advised them:

“In whatever things you undertake, throw your whole heart and mind into it. Do it sincerely, wholeheartedly. […]

Meaning of true discipleship



The Master is supremely impersonal, and always his only concern is to remove the veils between the consciousness of the disciple and […]

The duty of the lover of God

Beloved God is in all. What is then the duty of the lover? It is to make the Beloved happy without sparing himself. Without […]

“Love never fails”


There is no such thing as ‘failure’ on the journey towards Truth or God. It is merely a question of time. (The Awakener […]