The substratum of all this is love

Question: What is the cause of ignorance?

Baba: The cause of individual ignorance is the […]

Spiritual Birth

The incident of birth is common to all life on earth. Unlike other living creatures which are born insignificantly, live an […]

Sahaj Dhyan

When you remember Me, you are in Sahaj Dhyan. The question is how to remember Me. The easiest and surest way is to do […]

Once a lover arrives at this stage, he is blessed

Baba with puppy Mastan

 I am the eternal Beloved, drawing the infinite number of lovers to Myself in infinite ways. So they have […]

Sustaining one’s enthusiasm in the path – temporary impulses are also significant

But even the temporary impulses of adults* are not to be considered insignificant. However small or little the attempt in […]

Sustaining one’s enthusiasm in the path – long for God-Realization

Adults* rarely attain lasting enthusiasm or longing. When I give a fascinating discourse or logical explanation about divine grandeur or […]

True spirituality is total in its outlook

When people seek spirituality apart from life, as if it had nothing to do with the material world, their search is futile. All creeds […]

A message given by Baba on how to receive Him

A public meeting was held in the Town Hall in Kakinada, on December 25th, to publicize Baba’s visit, for which […]

Life is like a game of cards

Until God-realization, this life and world of existence is like a game of cards. When you play cards you feel […]

Keen inner longing

One day in Rishikesh, Baba was giving Chanji instructions at the mandali’s quarters when a sanyasi came to the gate […]