Prayers should be from the heart and be natural

After hearing Kenmore recite the prayers in his booming voice, Hoshang asked Kenmore, “Are […]

“The result of my contact”

Once during the summer of 1959, when Deshmukh’s entire family came for Baba’s darshan, his daughter Sanjeevani complained to Baba, “Father is […]

Slow butchering leads to grace

Homi Desai of Lahore came for Baba’s darshan. He came after several years and was eager to lay some of his problems before Baba. […]

The more fortunate woman

Once at Guruprasad, two women happened to arrive at the same time and requested permission to meet Baba. One was […]

What it means to follow Baba

One man, while taking darshan, expressed his desire to follow Baba. In response Baba explained:

You want to follow me? […]

“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm”

“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm.

Do not submit to desires, but try to […]

Meaning of holding fast to Baba’s Daaman

Now I will explain about holding fast to my daaman. Hold me, or leave […]

To guard against maya’s tricks

… The only thing that maya cannot go against is my work, because maya […]

“Hold fast to my daaman has most meaning”

Baba showing the sadra as a sign of daaman

“Your mind will play many […]

The sufferings of closed consciousness

“The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by […]