Thoughts of love and service

“There are many ways of working and many think, unless each hour of the day is filled […]

One should not succumb to worries

D. D. Kashyap, 50, a Bombay film director, came for darshan…

[Baba said] “When one attains a human […]

Try to be always happy

Baba gave a similar reply to a morphine addict who approached him. Baba asked, “Are you happy?”

The man said, […]

It is all within


A young woman wanted to develop the divine within, but felt she could not achieve it herself, without help. Baba responded, “You will […]

It is always the outlook that counts


At 10 A.M., a nurse named Mrs. Schreiber disclosed certain fears to Baba, saying, “I am so tired of life and very unhappy. […]

Try, little by little


Mrs. Hiner, a woman working in Walter’s office, was asked if she wanted to ask anything. She shook her head no. Baba commented: […]

Surrender to the living will of the Perfect One

In the human form, however, [with the mind fully developed] a difficulty is confronted, to remove which prophets and Spiritual Masters have periodically visited […]

Truth is infinitely simple

On November 18th, Baba gave this message to that small group of passengers [on the ship M. V. […]

The most practical thing in the world

The most practical thing in the world is to be spiritually minded.

It needs no […]

Practical way to develop love

On the 9th, during his interview, Walter’s brother Oscar asked, “What hinders me from being a better and […]