The only important thing from the spiritual point of view

From the spiritual point of view, the only important thing is to realize Divine Life and to help others realize it by manifesting it in everyday happenings.

To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others-by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity, and beauty-this is the sole game that has intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents, and attainments in themselves can have no lasting importance.

-Discourses 7th Ed., p200

The highest practice of yoga

All the meditations, yogas, concentrations do not teach what Baba teaches you through everyday living. That is, to be kind to those who ill-treat you, and to love those you dislike. This is the highest practice of yoga.

When Christ was mocked, spat upon and beaten, he did not use his powers, but he retaliated with love.

You should be glad of an opportunity to be mistreated by others. You should thank them for the opportunity of suffering and loving. The purpose of your being with Baba is to eliminate the ego.

-“Treasures” from the Meher Baba Journals, p94

“Every day, every hour, every minute of a man’s life is a sort of minor war”

On the 24th, a 60-year-old man came to see Baba and said, “Although I have had many minor turning points in my life, I feel today that the main turning point of my life has at last arrived by meeting you.”

Baba smiled and explained to him:

“Yes, that turning point has to arrive in each one’s life.

It is like a war. Every day, every hour, every minute of a man’s life is a sort of minor war between the heart and mind, emotion and intellect, good and bad. And when these individual conflicts spread out and develop, the collective result eventually takes the shape of a big, worldwide war which can never be avoided by any number of peace conferences, unless and until the very root cause is removed.”, p1614
June, 1934; Paris

The wisest in the eyes of God is the one without any hypocrisy

To a highly educated group of his lovers, Baba stated:

It is better to deny God than to make a show of devotion. You may be extraordinarily clever, but in the eyes of God your intelligence has no value if you indulge in hypocrisy. On the other hand, if you are the most unlearned person and if you have no trace of hypocrisy, you become the wisest in the eyes of God., p4700
June, 1960; Guruprasad

Trust God and live contented and happy

A child’s trust in his mother is complete because he leaves all his worries to her. She has to take care of him. So if we trust in God and let Him worry for us, we live contented and happy., p4700
June, 1960; Guruprasad

“Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind”

Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind. This constant thinking weighs heavy on your mind, and causes you much worry and anxiety for nothing. Do not let any material thoughts disturb your mind and eat it away.

Do not be like a leaf (of a tree) moved here and there by the wind. Be like a rock, unaffected by gales and storms and standing firm in its place.

What do you do when a fly troubles and disturbs you? You do not worry about it but merely raise your hand and wave it to drive it away from you. In the same way, without giving yourself up to worrying you must drive away the thoughts that trouble you.

-Questions Meher Baba Answered, pp. 40, Editor K. K. Ramakrishnan

“Think of me in everything you do”


…Baba also stressed to them that they should always think of him in everything they did. He stated:

…You should think of me in everything you do. Eat, dance, but forget yourself in the action and think of me instead. The less you think of yourself and the more you think of Baba, the sooner the ego goes and Baba remains. When you – ego – go entirely, I am one with you. So bit by bit, you have to go. Today your nose, tomorrow your ears, then your eyes, your hands, everything.

Think of me when you eat, sleep, see and hear. Enjoy everything, but think it is all Baba. Baba enjoys it. Baba is eating it. Sleep soundly in Baba, and when you wake up remember it is Baba getting up. Keep this one thought constantly with you. If you do wrong, then think it is Baba doing wrong. If you get a pain, think it is Baba getting a pain. Then it will be all the time Baba.

On the 1st of April starts this new life. Try to forget yourself and do all as Baba and you will enjoy what you do. It is really all bliss – all love. It is we who have created misery., p1814
Apr, 1937; Meherabad

What is fasting of the mind?

What is fasting of the mind? It is to have no thoughts. This in itself is impossible, but remember me as often as you can and then your mind will not be in a fumble as to what to think of. You leave your mind to me by having my constant remembrance or taking my name, and there will be no food [thoughts] worth the name for the mind to feed on. Thoughts of me will supersede all other thoughts in your mind., p3877
Nov, 1955; Meherabad


Leaving everything to Him: “Everything!…Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me”

Those who lose their all in me find their all in me ever after.

While they waited, Baba chatted lightheartedly with his lovers, who sat around him in a circle on chairs and on the floor. He remarked, “I want you all to listen very carefully to what I say. It appears so simple, yet it is so very important for my lovers. To love me is to lose yourself in me, and to find me as your own Self is to leave all your pleasures and pains to me. What does that mean?”

A feminine voice answered, “Very simple – just leave everything to Baba!”

Everything!” Baba emphasized. “And remain happy! Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me – and then you remain free! But it is a great thing, a difficult thing. Say you have three children and all three of them die at one stroke. Naturally, what can you say? You must not only say, but feel, ‘I leave all this to Baba. It is his wish, it is his pleasure.’

“Kabir said a wise thing. This morning when I was strolling here, I asked Eruch to write it down.” Eruch, and then Adi, repeated the verse in Hindi. Eruch said, “Kabir was a Perfect Master. All over India, people revere him and love him. He said this to his own Master. I will give you the English translation; Baba translated it this morning:

‘Nothing that I have belongs to me.
All that I have belongs to you.
What will I lose if I surrender to you?
What belongs to you!’ “

Baba emphasized, “That is what I want to tell my lovers: your pains and pleasures, leave all to me.”, p4038
Jul, 1956; Myrtle Beach




Leaving everything to Him: Simple command but difficult for our willful selves

The following is Beryl Williams’ description of her first meeting with Baba at the Barn on May 17th:

Delia opened the door for me and said, “Baba, this is Beryl.” As I hesitated at the entrance, Baba rose from his chair and stood with outstretched open arms to me. The next thing I knew I was weeping my heart out on that beloved shoulder at the joy of having found my home at last. Baba left no room for doubt as to where I belonged in his welcome. I received the unmistakable impression that it was Baba who had drawn me to him in his own way, particularly when in the course of the interview, he suddenly turned to Adi and spelled out on the board, “It was worth it,” while I happily nodded and babbled foolishly.

After giving me some personal instructions of what he wanted me to do, Baba looked deep into my heart before enjoining on me the simple command, “Leave everything to me – leave it to me.” So simple, but oh how difficult for a willful nature. Yet I felt a great burden lifted from my heart, which until that moment I had been unaware of even carrying. I knew then what it was to be at peace with one’s self., p3083
May, 1952; Myrtle Beach