Do anything with confidence and right motive

[In an Interview]

Q: “Should I continue what I am doing now?”

Baba: “Yes, it is all right, only if you do […]

On excitement

Addressing one of the group Baba said:

“It is bad for your health to get excited. It is bad for me, and […]

On merging with Baba

[Baba explaining to Nadia (Nadine Tolstoy)]

You are now God, plus Nadia. When Nadia disappears, God remains. So, Nadia must go. Let Nadia […]

The habit of criticism

The habit of criticizing our fellow-beings is a bad one, at the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of […]

Mental conflict – Part 2 of 2

The mind rarely functions harmoniously because it is mostly guided and governed by forces in the subconscious…The elimination of conflict is possible only through […]

Mental conflict – Part 1 of 2

The mind contains many heterogeneous sanskaras; and while seeking expression in consciousness, they often clash with each other. The clash of sanskaras is […]

Human form’s virtues and vices – part 2 of 2

So to be a human being does not only mean to be born in a human form with the lowest animal qualities […]

Human form’s virtues and vices – part 1 of 2

The next day in the mandali’s cottage, Baba asked Ramjoo if he was a human being or an animal. Taken aback, Ramjoo […]

“They are poor, but their hearts are clean”


The following day, Baba again spent time with his Hamirpur lovers. They were all poor, but had made the long and costly journey […]

“Selfless service and love are twin divine qualities”


It was aboard the “Strathnavar” on August 7 that Baba spoke to the group on “Selfless Service.”

Baba said:

“God as God is […]