Pearls vs seashells

In reference to the abundance of so-called saints and false gurus in the East, Baba … commented: “They are like seashells scattered on the […]

To play the game of life in the manner of a true sportsman

When an excellent performance by one’s opponents is appreciated equally by one’s own side, sports not only makes for physical fitness and […]

“Only when love for God is born does the wandering gradually come to a halt.”

On Wednesday, 25 November 1964, an Englishman who had been living in India for eleven years arrived in Meherazad at 2:00 P.M., having been […]

“Think of me more and more, and all your worries will disappear”

The moment the intensity of your faith in my will reaches its height, you say goodbye to worry forever. Then all that you […]

“The way of Oneness is the way to happiness”

Duality signifies separateness. Separateness implies fear. Fear causes worry.

The way of Oneness is the way to happiness; […]

Break through all the self-created prisons


Though religion has come into existence to liberate man from all narrowness, it can itself become a cage when not understood properly. All […]

Inner companionship with your Beloved

In the afternoon, people from Arangaon sang bhajans in the hall. Then followed a qawwali program which continued for about two hours. Regarding a […]

“Love for Baba wipes away the mistakes”


“Everyone commits mistakes unless one is Perfect and One with God, but love for Baba wipes away the mistakes.

We must remember that […]

A blessing for the universe, and a curse for Baba

“Last evening when the pain was bad, Baba said, ‘The accident has been a blessing for the universe, and a curse for […]

Helpful to gather in my name

Although it is true that my real center is the heart of the individual, it is helpful for my lovers to come […]