Alternatives to our destiny

[Extracted from “Gift of God, by Arnavaz]

This is not to say that if we obey Baba, all our suffering ends. Suffering is absolutely […]

“Awake now and save yourself from further entanglement”



I cannot expect you to understand what I want you to know all at once. It is my charge to awaken you […]

The dream of creation



Baba explained about “the dream of creation”:

All this is a delusion. Whatever you see, what you hear and what you think […]

“Make your heart my center”


Baba asked , “What do you understand when I say that your heart should become a Baba Centre? In your bhajans, […]

Avatar’s Universal mind



The Poona Bhajan Mandali (devotional songs singing group) sang for Baba after the children’s programme. I sat on the floor next to […]

The Two Aspects of Divinity – Part 2 (Final)



Further, both the aspects of God referred to not only affect humanity individually and collectively, but their intensity and force […]

The Two Aspects of Divinity – Part 1


The Master’s message, “The Two Aspects of Divinity,” was delivered on this occasion by Ghani Munsiff, an excerpt of which is as follows:


“This dream should be so adjusted that it awakens you“


Questioner: Why does God, who is so kind and merciful, give suffering and pain to so many?

Baba: God has nothing […]

The way to do any good act


A sadhu came to see Baba. Baba asked if he had anything specific to say. He said he had come for Baba’s blessings, […]

“A big mess!”

One day, referring to the present state of the world, Baba bemoaned,

“A big mess! Of all my advents, in the present one, I […]