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    Age after age, when the wick of Righteousness burns low,

    the Avatar comes yet once again to rekindle the torch of Love and Truth.

    Age after age, amidst the clamor of disruptions, wars, fear and chaos, rings the Avatar’s call:


    NEWS: Invitation for the 123rd Birthday of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Celebrations at Hyderabad

    Cordial Invitation for the 123rd Birthday Celebrations
    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba
    in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad

     For Details click on the image above.

    In Life’s unending procession, only those in the front are aware of His Advent


    “Baba once told us, he gave us this figure: He said that life was like an unending procession marching along. The people at the back have no idea what is happening at the front, or even where they are going, for that matter.

    “In this unending procession of humanity, every now and then the God-man, the Ancient one, the Avatar appears. His appearance is such that those in the front of the ranks stop and stare at him. Those just behind crane their heads forward to see what is happening. Those behind them start asking each other, ‘What is going on? Why have we stopped?’ And those even further back don’t even realise that the procession has stopped.

    “You know how it is, you have seen a long procession. Even after the front stops, it is quite some time before the back rows have to halt. And this procession is unending, so the back rows never stop moving. They don’t even realise that anything has happened at the front of the procession.

    “Baba said this is what it is like for all of us. Only those in the front are aware of his advent, and only those in the very front get to actually see him and be with him. But once they have seen him and been with him, the procession ends for them. And then those who were behind them become the front ranks. So the next time the Ancient one returns, they are the ones who see him and get to be with him.”

    -Eruch Jessawala, Determined to be His, p57-58

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Operation of Karma Through Successive Lives: Claims and counterclaims created by give-and-take

    If there has been a give-and-take between certain persons that forges karmic and sanskaric ties between them and creates claims and counterclaims, they have to come together and carry on fresh dealings in order to meet these claims and counter- claims. That which a person gives with a selfish motive binds him in the same way as that which he takes with a sense of separateness. The transaction of give or take, which thus binds, need not be purely on a material plane in the form of exchange of goods or money, nor in the performing of some physical tasks. It could consist of the exchange of views or feelings.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p329

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Operation of Karma Through Successive Lives: Game of duality

    Stored impressions determine conditions of incarnation :The ego-mind, seated in the mental body, takes lower bodies according to the impressions stored in it. These impressions determine whether individuals will die young or old; whether they will experience health or illness or both; whether they will be beautiful or ugly; whether they will suffer from physical handicaps, like blindness, or will enjoy general efficiency of the body; whether they will have a sharp or a dull intellect; whether they will be pure or impure of heart, fickle or steadfast in will; and whether they will be immersed in the pursuit of material gains or will seek the inner light of the spirit.

    Game of duality:The ego-mind, in its turn, becomes modified through the deposited impressions of karma, which include not only gross and physical action but thought and feeling. And the circumstances of each incarnation are adjusted to the composition and needs of the ego-mind. Thus, if a person has developed certain special capacities or tendencies in one incarnation, he takes them on to the succeeding incarnations. Similarly, things that have been left incomplete in one incarnation can be completed in the incarnations that follow. Through the persistence of impressions, the karmic links that have been forged in one incarnation are carried on and developed in succeeding incarnations. Those. who have been closely associated with each other through good or bad dealings therefore tend to have recurring contacts. Thus the game of duality is carried on long enough to gather so much experience of the opposites that the soul, out of the fullness of its experience, eventually becomes ripe for dropping the ego-mind and turning inward to know itself as the Oversoul.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p328

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Operation of Karma Through Successive Lives: Formation and continuation of ego-mind

    The soul, which in reality is one and undifferentiated, is apparently individualized through the limitations of the mental body, which is the seat of the ego-mind. The ego-mind is formed by the accumulated impressions of past experiences and actions. And it is this ego-mind that constitutes the kernel of the existence of the reincarnating individual. The ego-mind, as a reservoir of latent impressions, is the state of the mental body. The ego-mind, becoming spirit and experiencing activated and manifested impressions, is the state of the subtle body. The ego-mind, as descended in the gross sphere for creative action, is the state of a physical incarnation. Thus the ego-mind, which is seated in the mental body, is the entity that contains all the phases of continued existence as a separate individual.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p328

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Operation of Karma Through Successive Lives: Mental and subtle bodies

    The plane on which one can possess physical consciousness is the gross world. The planes on which one can possess consciousness of desires are in the subtle world, and the planes on which the soul can have mental consciousness are in the mental world. The source of desire is to be found in the mind, which is on the mental planes. Here the seed of desire is attached to the mind; the desire exists here in a latent form, in the same way as the tree is latent in the seed. The mental body, which is the seat of the mind, is often called karan sharir, or the causal body, because it stores within itself the seeds or the causes of all desires. The mind retains all impressions and dispositions in a latent form. The limited “I,” or ego, is composed of these sanskaras. However, the actual manifestation of sanskaras in consciousness, as expressed through different mental processes, takes place in the subtle body.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p327

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Operation of Karma Through Successive Lives: Incarnations governed by law of karma

    Incarnations governed by law of karma: In the successive incarnations of an individual soul, there is not only a thread of continuity and identity-manifested in personal memory and revived in the case of advanced souls-but there is also an uninterrupted reign of the law of cause and effect through the persistence and operation of karma. The successive incarnations with all their particulars are closely and unfailingly determined by rational law, so that it becomes possible for the individual soul to mold its future through wise and intelligent action. The actions of past lives determine the conditions and circumstances of the present life, and the actions of the present life have their share in determining the conditions and circumstances of future lives. Successive incarnations of the individual soul yield their full significance only in the light of the operation of the law of karma.

    Karma persists through mental body: The intermittent incarnations in the gross world are only apparently disconnected. Karma persists as a connecting link and determining factor through the mental body, which remains a permanent and constant factor through all the lives of the soul. The law of karma and its manner of operation cannot be fully intelligible as long as the gross body and the gross world are considered to be the only facts of existence. Karmic determination is made possible by the existence of the subtle and mental bodies and worlds.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p327

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Need for Male and Female Incarnations: Divine love

    To be free from attachment to the opposite sex is to be free from domination of the sex of the body in which the soul has incarnated itself, thereby annihilating the majority of those sanskaras that compel the soul to identify itself with the body. The transcending of sexual duality does not in itself amount to the overcoming of all duality, but it certainly goes a long way toward facilitating the complete transcendence of duality in all its forms. On the other hand, it is equally true that the problem of sexual duality is a part of the problem of duality as such. Its complete solution comes when the wider problem of all duality is solved through divine love, in which there is neither “I” nor “you,” neither man nor woman.

    The purpose of male and female incarnations is the same as the purpose of evolution itself: it is to enable the soul to arrive at its own undivided and indivisible existence.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p326

    Reincarnation and Karma – The Need for Male and Female Incarnations: Reconciliation of conscious and unconscious mind


    The completeness that the mind seeks is not attainable through attachment to other forms and their accession. It is to be sought within by recapturing the lost unity of the mind. Reconciliation of the conscious and the unconscious mind is possible, not through sexual attraction or through other forms of possessiveness, but through non-identification with the body and its sex. Non-identification with the body removes the barrier that prevents the amalgamation and integration of the total of experience deposited in the mind. Completeness within is to be sought by overcoming sexual duality and distinction, which accentuate identification with the body.

    -Discourses 7th Ed., p326