“In order to keep my will, you should not mind even if the whole world turns against you!”


Waman Padale used to come to Meherazad every Sunday on Adi’s scooter, and he would come other days as well if there were […]

20121114 -By holding firmly to the feet of only one Master, your aim is achieved


One night, a scorpion bit Homi (Gustadji’s brother) and the whole night he was in pain. The mantras did not help him, so […]

20121113 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 2 (final)



Even after meeting Meher Baba, Kotwal continued to visit gurus, sadhus and other holy men – one in particular was named Jiyagi […]

20121112 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 1

That day, Baba also had a private meeting with Savak Kotwal. Although just twenty five years old, Kotwal was a genuine seeker and had […]