20121112 -The whole world exists on Meher Baba’s name – part 1

That day, Baba also had a private meeting with Savak Kotwal. Although just twenty five years old, Kotwal was a genuine seeker and had previously contacted Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and Hazrat Babajan. He came to see Meher Baba because someone in Poona had told him that the Irani Guru at Arangaon was the chief disciple of Babajan. Kotwal opened his heart to Baba and revealed, “I desire God-Realization in this birth.”

Baba replied, “Either long for God or for the world – you cannot have both! It has never happened before and it will never happen in the future.”

Kotwal wanted God, but at the same time he was married and wished to stay with his family. Baba encouraged him, “I know how much you want to tread the spiritual path and I will see that you enter it. You will make rapid progress toward that goal and you will eventually be completely swayed toward it.” Baba instructed Kotwal to visit him every weekend. This satisfied Kotwal and from that time on, the longing to be one of Baba’s resident mandali was aroused in him.

Savak Kotwal had had the darshan of Upasni Maharaj on many occasions. Once in Bombay, when Kotwal’s turn came to bow down, Maharaj gave him a hard slap and scolded him, “You are ruining my whole work and your own as well.” Deeply distressed, Kotwal resolved never to go back to him. When he was departing, however, one of Maharaj’s disciples came running with this message from him, “Don’t worry. I only slapped you because I have work of a special character to fulfill.”

(to be continued)

–www.lordmeher.org, p1051

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