20121111 – Planes and heavens


Baba then explained the seven planes and seven heavens:

Corresponding to the seven planes are seven parts of the physical body:

1st plane – the navel;

2nd plane – the left part of the chest;

3rd plane – the right part of the chest;

4th plane – the lower part of the throat;

5th plane – the center of the throat;

6th plane – the third eye (between the two eyes);

7th plane – the top or center of the head.

The parts corresponding to the seven heavens are quite different and are in the back part of the body. The parts corresponding to the seven planes are in the front. The 1st heaven – back of the navel; 2nd heaven – back of the left chest and so forth up to the 7th heaven at the back of the head.

The yogis take the path through the heavens, but it is a path fraught with obstacles which are next to impossible to overcome. Marvelous splendors exist in the heavens and it is virtually impossible not to be drawn into them. The seeker becomes enchanted in the beauty of the heavens, with the result that his progress comes to a grinding halt.

Every plane is like the railroad station of a city, and every heaven is like the actual city. For this reason, the way through the heavens is longer and has the additional risk of the seeker’s becoming engrossed in the attractions of the city.

Take an example of a man who is quite penniless, a beggar; however, he has forty-five children! While wandering with his family, he thinks that if he could beg one dollar he would manage the food for his children for the day. In the meantime, he comes across a pile of jewels. Now tell me will he stop? He cannot help but stop! But if there is a Sadguru he would enable him to proceed – to go to the station instead of the city.

However much you may try to persuade a drunken man that a small puddle of water is nothing, he does not believe you and sees it as an ocean. He staggers while walking under the delusion that he is flying. He sees things magnified as double or sometimes triple, and as much as you try to convince him that there is only one of a thing, he sees two or sometimes more.

In the same way, you all have the false belief that the world is real. You cannot digest this truth, this fact, when I tell you that everything is false – a dream, an illusion. But just have faith in me. Listen to me, love me, and one day you will have the awareness that God alone is the Reality; He is the Truth, and everything else is illusion.

–www.lordmeher.org, p1001


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