Implicit faith and obedience

Swami Ramdas, who was a Perfect Master and Guru to Shivaji, once placed a mango on his own leg and wrapped it in a bandage. He called his followers to him and pretended to be in great pain. Through clenched teeth, he told them, “I have a very bad boil on my leg which has become septic. It is full of pus and pained me terribly last night! I could not sleep at all due to the pain and I am at a loss as to what I should do now.”

Ramdas seemed to be writhing in agony and suffering acutely. When his disciples suggested various treatments, he remarked, “Nothing will help, but if someone were to suck out the poison, only then would I recover. But the pus is poisonous and he who does this will die.”

Hearing this, all hesitated except for Kalyan, the Master’s favorite disciple, who stepped forward and began to suck at the wound. To his great surprise, he tasted mango juice! Ramdas thus demonstrated to his hesitant disciples the love and faith that Kalyan had for him.

One day in broad daylight, Ramdas, saying it was dark out, told Kalyan to bring a lighted lantern, which he did immediately.

Ramdas slapped him for this and said, “You fool! Can you not see it is daylight?” Kalyan apologized, asking for his forgiveness as he left with the lantern. By using this example, Ramdas explained to Shivaji about faith and obedience.  

This is implicit faith and obedience. But it is very, very difficult – rather impossible – particularly for you westerners who have so much intellect – always arguing the merits and demerits of things.

In Kalyan’s case, he not only obeyed his Master’s orders, but he actually believed Ramdas when he told him it was the darkness of night – even in broad daylight! Such belief and faith is truly impossible.

Delia DeLeon inquired, “Does this mean we shouldn’t think or make use of our intellect?”

Baba firmly responded:

Not a bit! You may use your intellect, but not at the cost of disbelieving my words or disobeying my orders. You may think; for as long as you have a mind, you have to think. Your mind never stops thinking. It will tell you that it could not be night when your eyes see sunlight.

Remember not to let the mind lead you to disbelieve in the Master’s words! You must think and understand that there is some important reason and purpose behind whatever the Master says or does and that he always does it for the benefit of others. Whatever he does is always for the best. So do as the Guru tells you and let the mind think as it likes, but never obey it. That is enough.

–, p1798

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