Simple life means a life of desirelessness


Meher Baba’s painting by Julian Lamar, 1932*

One day, explaining to Cath about leading a “simple” life, Baba observed:

People always make a mistake when they talk of leading a simple life. To live such a life is infinitely difficult. Outwardly, a person may wear plain garments and have a simple diet, but this is not living a simple life! The spiritual life is lived when a person is free of all desires, thus becoming completely open and guileless.

What is the use of only outwardly living simply? The elaborate dress of desires and longings is there, side by side with a feasting ego! The real meaning of leading a simple life is to be totally desireless, and to become desireless is impossible without a feeling of love for God., p1305
Nov, 1931; Harmon Retreat

*The above photo was painted by the painter Julian Lamar who he met Baba at Harmon Retreat. It was completed by April 1932 and now hangs at Baba’s House on Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. [Lord Meher Page 1306 – Footnote]

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