20130606 – Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! – Part 1

Pleader was in the habit of visiting different saints and sadhus, and to caution him against doing this, Baba advised him:

Do not be after gatekeepers or watchmen; catch hold of the Emperor! Never be after his servants; no minister or secretary will help. A king is, after all, a king, and his servants, only servants. Once you have approached the king directly, it is of no benefit to maintain a friendly attitude with his servants. Your friendship with the king might precipitate any situation, but you should stick to him. Even if you were about to die, you should never let go of his hand.

The Emperor is perfect knowledge. One should forget everyone and everything in his company. One should stop one’s previous habits. One should not think of meditating, or repeating God’s name or any other type of worship. The most that could happen with any of these practices is that you would enter samadhi. Such practices can never make you one with God.

Instead, one should submit oneself to the Emperor’s will, having only this thought: “O God, when will You meet me?” This longing must be present twenty-four hours a day. If the feeling is intense enough, God will surely fulfill it.

To help people is good, but service done under the guidance and according to the instructions of a Perfect Master is the best. Service to half-baked gurus and false saints will throw you into a gutter. You will be left hanging by those hypocrites. If you are unlucky enough to find a false guru, he will accept you and take you into his service. However, he will then give you up, and that will cool down your longing! Instead of losing, you will accumulate sanskaras, and become disappointed and disgusted.

These false saints cannot give you anything, while those on the first and second planes, and walis and pirs of the fifth and sixth planes, can raise you to a higher state with just one look! But that is not the perfect state, as these advanced souls are not perfect. At times, even Perfect Masters cannot help those caught in these nets. Therefore, except for the Perfect Ones, do not even be beguiled by the advanced souls of the fifth and sixth planes.


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