Divine Love vs worldly love


The journalist asked, “Could you speak of love, sir? What do you mean, when you speak of love?”

Baba, in turn, asked:

Love? […]

God As Bliss

The message “God As Bliss” was read at several places in Hamirpur:

Everywhere, in every walk of life, man, without exception, […]

Baba will be present when we long for Him


Minoo Kharas (left) kneels beside Baba,Wadia park, 1954

Minoo told me that the most difficult order he had ever received from Meher […]

Body and mind

Baba then went back to Gadekar’s house at eight o’clock (while at Sholapur), and met select workers of the Meher Spiritual Centre of Sholapur […]

Highroads to God – that lead to win the grace of God

The quickest of these highroads lies through the God-Man, who is consciously One with the Truth. In the God-Man, God reveals Himself in all […]

Highroads to God – All paths lead to God

A message about the paths to God was read out at one public function in Meherastana. It was entitled “Highroads to God” (at Mahewa):


Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 2 (Final)

But even miracles, in the last analysis, are illusory, even as every happening of this world is illusory. There can be no special point […]

Miracles and Spiritual Healing – Part 1

When people suffer physically or mentally, individually or collectively, they want immediate relief from that suffering. All over the world, man’s strife is subject […]

Narrations in Telugu

Narrations in Telugu of various Books (written by Baba and various other authors) by Bro T Nageshwara Rao done at Kakinada center are listed below.


Meher Baba’s New Life


Meher Baba’s New Life (Bhau Kalchuri)

మెహేర్ బాబా నవ జీవనము (భావూ కల్చురి)

The audio recordings of Bro. T Nageshwara Rao’s free-flowing narration of […]