Selfishness – Wanting ends in dissatisfaction


The range of selfishness is equal to the range of desires. Owing to the hindrance of multifarious desires, it becomes impossible for the soul to find free and full expression of its true being; and life becomes self-centered and narrow. The entire life of the personal ego is continually in the grip of […]

Selfishness – Analysis of selfishness


Selfishness comes into existence owing to the tendency of desires to find fulfillment in action and experience. It is born of fundamental ignorance about one’s own true nature. Human consciousness is clouded by the accumulation of various types of impressions deposited by the long course of the evolution of consciousness.

These impressions express […]

“The cultivation of good sanskaras is achieved by fostering experiences and actions opposite to those that predominate in animal life”

Although in humans consciousness is fully developed, one finds in it a preponderance of bad elements; since at the subhuman stages of evolution, consciousness has been chiefly operating under limiting tendencies like lust, greed, and anger. The experiences and actions created and sustained by such egocentric tendencies have left their imprints on the developing […]

“My participation in these prayers has great significance”


All the mandali were called to join in the prayers; it was part of the daily routine…

Baba remarked, “My participation in these prayers has great significance and by it the prayers are being invested with added power, which people will feel when reciting them and be benefited.”

–, p5329 Apr, 1968; Guruprasad


Love increases by thinking more of others’ suffering



To their query on how to increase love, Baba directed them,

“By thinking more of the suffering of others instead of your own suffering. “This is the shortest way.”

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p1925


“Remain in Maya but do not get enmeshed in it”

During this brief visit to Madras, Baba explained about Maya to Sampath Aiyangar:

It is like this: If a person wants to take the pearl from the bottom of the ocean, then he should not shout at the pearl to come up while he sits on the beach. If he really wants […]

Two “spiritual secrets”


“To a devotee, Baba once gave these two “spiritual secrets,” as He called them:

1. Never to hurt the heart of another, because that is where God resides; and 2. Always to be grateful, to give thanks to God every day”

(Vol 14 No 2 P 31 Awakener)


Undergoing hardships for others wipes out our past karma


Baba inquired about Piloo’s sister, Shirin Damania. “She works very hard,” Piloo said. “Since our mother died years ago, and we were all so young, Shirin has looked after all of us brothers and sisters, brought us up and managed everything in the house.”

Baba commented, “Working for and serving others, and undergoing […]

Act without caring for results


On April 25th, Meher Baba gave a short discourse about taking action without caring about the results, referring in particular to Mahatma Gandhi:

Even a great soul like Gandhi worries, because he wants results. One must sincerely try to do his duties, but the results must always be left with God. Worrying about […]

Train your mind to pass over thoughts & cease mental tension -Part 2 (Final)


Cease the mental tension. Train your mind to pass over thoughts. Do not give countenance to them until such time that you can surrender the mind itself. No one is doing it. When the mind is surrendered, there is no question of happiness and unhappiness. Because of the thoughts of […]