Be pleased with him who backbites you

Do not get angry, but be pleased with him who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of […]

Criticism indicates false sense of superiority

Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and […]

Divine forgiveness burns sanskaras away in no time

Matra Dutta Shastri also could not sleep. He recited a Sanskrit shloka praising the advent of the Avatar Krishna, and then in a paroxysm […]

“Submit yourself at all times to the will of God”

Malcolm with Baba

During Baba’s absence, Malcolm and Jean had passed through difficult times and endured financial hardships.

Jean asked Baba whether these […]

Baba’s presence is hidden in every heart like fragrance in a rose

That afternoon, Bhagirath and his wife Kokila visited Baba when he was with the mandali in the Ice Factory Bungalow. As mentioned they were […]

“Anything that forms itself into a habit loses its freshness, sincerity and enthusiasm”

Later that day, Baba commented about habits:

Anything that forms itself into a habit loses its freshness, sincerity and enthusiasm – even repentance. If […]

Loving Beloved Baba

This special message was sent for Naosherwan Nalavala’s periodical the Glow (dictated on 19 December 1966):

It is easy to love me because I […]

Those whom I find worthy to them I shall offer the elixir of life

On January 11th, while Baba was discoursing to the boys and mandali who were seated on the platform outside his cabin, he disclosed:

“Those […]

Worthlessness of personal problems

Before leaving for lunch, Baba mentioned that he would grant individual interviews to each man the next day, and added:

“I will do this […]

“The circle members do not need these explanations”

Explaining about the circle of the Masters on Tuesday, 13 February 1940, Baba stated:

There is a difference in the Avatar’s or Sadgurus’ attitude […]