32nd Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Center – 11-Nov-2018



Transformation but not repression

[The situation was everyone especially Mansari got fed-up with monkey Lucky because of its pranks]

Baba said :

Someone asked Hafiz what spirituality meant […]

Bound wrists vs bound feet


Being good is a good binding. You must be good or bad. Bad is like bound wrists. Good is like bound […]

Evil as a Relic -Part -2 (Final)

Everything happens according to divine will, and it is a mistake to think that God has a rival in the form of a Devil. […]

Evil as a Relic – Part 1


Good as well as evil are impressional products of the evolutionary momentum. They come into conflict with each other and as such are […]

From spiritual viewpoint an action is judged purely on the underlying motives

On 11 October 1933, a woman visitor asked Baba, “When a person is surrounded on all sides by untoward circumstances and difficulties, without […]