Man experiences a metamorphosis of his self by traveling within himself

Numerous American and Russian rocket space flights were also in the news at this time. One morning some remark from one of […]

Nature of Love: “The price of knowing me is love – love, pure and simple”

How to begin[to increase this feeling or devotion for Baba]? Remember me before starting and after finishing any work. Think of […]

Nature of Love : Real love is bestowed and cannot be created

On Sunday, 30 March 1930, Shroff brought his family and friends to Nasik to see Baba who expounded on the nature of love […]

Violation of the Master’s Order

[In May 1948 Keshan Narain Nigam received the circular about Baba’s five orders. He was to select one of the five orders to be […]

“Never break a promise”

Never break a promise. First think twice before you give a promise, but once you make it, keep that promise at any […]

The Spiritually Perfect do not use psychic powers for themselves

On Sunday, October 31st, one of the remaining Westerners asked Baba, “Why does a Master fall ill and make use of medicine?”

In reply, […]

“To surrender is not as difficult as people think”

On Thursday, 5 January 1939, Keki Bajan again came with his family to see Baba. Explaining to them about surrender and grace, […]

Sincere selfless service gradually wipes away lower self


Sincere, selfless service to others, which if done wholeheartedly, will gradually wipe away much of the [lower] self element in one’s nature, and […]

Gradations of love

Like every great virtue, love, the mainspring of all life, can also be misapplied. It may lead to the height of God-intoxication or to […]

“Resign yourself to my will 100 percent”

One devotee was deeply depressed due to some personal problems. Baba assured him, “Resign yourself to my will 100 percent, and I shall take […]