Theory and Practice


The energy which is expended in mere thinking, talking or writing is like the steam which escapes through the whistle of the railway […]

Not merely try, but do it!

One of the chief workers expressed his apologies and promised that he would henceforth be more careful in his relationships with other workers. Baba […]

“The chance to serve me is rarely given”


Think that you have dropped your bodies! Ghani, Chanji and some other lovers of mine have dropped their bodies, so think of […]

“Like innocent children, lay your head on the feet of your Master”


On Sunday, 25 July 1926, Guru Purnima, the full moon day, was observed. Baba admonished the mandali:

“Like innocent children, lay your head […]

NEWS: 46th Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad [Koti] Center



Jai Baba!

All are welcome for the 46th Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad […]

“Either keep it yourself or give it up entirely!”

“The great mistake you make is that you lift the burden from your head, but instead of placing it on the head of the […]

Promises given by Master get fulfilled at proper time

Discoursing about how the Master gives and fulfills his promises, Baba explained to them:

The promises given by the Masters are never […]

“You will then be pushed away by the newcomers”


One lover abruptly entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and stated, “Be happy, don’t worry. I am the only […]

When I utter the Word, infinite wisdom will be released

On a previous occasion a month before (on 4 April), Baba had commented about Jesus to the mandali:

Jesus sometimes used to tell his […]

Beyond Time ( A parable)

“I am beyond time, but when the five Perfect Masters bring Me down, I appear to be limited by time, and the time differs […]