Avatar manifests only on earth

While discussing the topic of the moon and other planets, Baba commented:

Twenty or thirty years ago, I pointed out that there are other planets besides earth where living beings exist. Still, I emphatically say that God can only be realized on this earth. God is everywhere, but he manifests as the Avatar only on this earth. Perfect Masters are also found only on the earth and nowhere else. On one planet people have enlarged their intellects so much so that they can survive for hundreds of years. But the people there are 99 percent atheists. On all of these evolved planets, the mind predominates and the heart is totally undeveloped. On some planets, people are totally devoid of heart; there is not even one percent place for [feeling love]. Except for the earth, on all other evolved worlds intellect alone prevails. Therefore, God cannot be realized on those planets. These souls must take birth on this earth to realize God.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4597

October, 1959; Meherazad

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