Avatars and marriage [Part 1/2]


Q: Why was Jesus not married?

Baba: Every Avatar adopts a particular aspect of his time. He adopts and embodies his mode of working according to the attitude of the people.

The outstanding weakness that marked the attitude of the people in the time of Jesus was pomp, cruelty, and pride; and to do away with that and set an example, he based his working or mode of life on simplicity, humility, and suffering. And so there no necessity for him to marry.

In the time of Muhammad, lust dominated in the minds of men, so much so that nearly every man used to have sex with several women. Muhammad took note of this, made it lawful for every follower of his to have only a certain number of wives, and himself married seven. Had he, like Jesus, not married then it would have been deemed essential to make it lawful for his followers to remain unmarried, but nobody in that case would have followed him. It would have been worse than useless to come to nil from numerous, and so he fixed the number to seven from scores.

The people were too much steeped in materialism in the age of Buddha; therefore, stressing the nothingness of Maya, he set an example of. true renunciation, and left his wife and children. He founded his system on renunciation and sanyas [renunciation of desire].

 –Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled by Naosherwan Anzar, p124

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