When the sun is high up, it does shine on you even if you don’t want it to


[Personal interviews]

Happy to see you. [Feels somewhat nervous.]

Do not feel nervous. Anything to ask or say?

 I have doubts between you and me, and also why Western religion calls the Eastern confusing and not straight, as of Christ.

And the Eastern people say the same about Western religion. Everyone thinks his own religion is best. This is ignorance. Jesus never meant that. What does religion mean? To find God within. What did Jesus teach? To find him within and not to carry on wars as his own followers have been doing.

 How can we realize that?

Through love and helping others selflessly. It is very easy if you think less of yourself and more of others. No matter if you doubt me or do not even believe in me, I will help you.

 I want to believe in you and have faith in you.

But why? If what you want is within, you will find it only there. And my need  [to help] is only to help you find it, whether you follow me or not.

 But it is difficult.

I will help you even if you don’t want it. When the sun is high up and you feel hot, you cannot avoid it. It does shine on you even if you don’t want it to. It is question of going out of your way to help others, and that I will do. This contact will help you immensely. My blessings.

 Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled by Naosherwan Anzar, p123


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