Baba’s blessings



Sarosh and Viloo’s son, Merwan, returned from England and was to be married to Anita, his Swiss fiancée. One day he and Sarosh came to Guruprasad, and Merwan said, “Baba, I want your blessings on my wedding day.”

Baba gestured, “Granted,” and instructed that after the wedding in Ahmednagar, the bride and groom, and Sarosh and Viloo should come to Guruprasad to see him.

The wedding was held on Thursday, 27 June 1963. That day, Baba asked Eruch to phone Sarosh and find out how the preparations were going. Irritated, Sarosh shouted over the telephone, “Tell Baba it is raining cats and dogs here! We’ve had to change the wedding arrangements to inside.” When Eruch related this, Baba just listened and did not comment.

The next morning, the wedding party came to Guruprasad. Among those seated before Baba were Adi and Rhoda Dubash. After the usual greetings, Baba asked Viloo and Sarosh about the wedding. Viloo complained, “Baba, it rained so much!”

Baba replied, “Well, your son asked for my blessing and I gave it to him.”, p5038
June, 1963; Ahmednagar

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