“Each one can perceive my glory according to his own capacity”



The open darshan began on Monday, 15 May 1961, at 4:30 P.M. and lovers from all over India streamed in to take advantage of it…

After the usual inquiries about travel and health, Baba announced to the crowd: “You have come here to see me; but I am here to see who dares to really see me!”

He quoted one of his favorite couplets in Urdu, wherein the Master says to his devotee: “My glory is from here to there; it has no end. So, let me find out to what extent you are prepared to go [sacrifice] to see my glory, and how much of it you can see.”

Baba explained the couplet:

“Each one can perceive my glory according to his own capacity — either small or large.

My glory is boundless. I am the shoreless Ocean of Love, unmindful of filth or nectar. Anybody can come to me, but how much love one can receive depends on the receptacle he brings. If it is a cup, you can only take a cupful; if a pail, only a pailful. But once in a long while there comes the true hero, the giant in love who can gulp the Ocean itself!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4745
May, 1961; Guruprasad

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