Everything will be all right if you only think of my wish



DURING THIS PERIOD, Savak Damania of Akbar Press, who was now age thirty, had been in Baba’s contact since his childhood and was engaged to marry Eruch’s sister Meheru. Savak had a friend named Homi Pavri, who wanted to meet Meher Baba. Savak wrote to Baba at Lonavla, and Baba permitted them to come.

They arrived in Lonavla, but Baba sent Vishnu to stop Homi near the gate and allow only Savak to come inside. Homi had brought garlands and sweets for Baba, and Baba told him through Vishnu that he should see him from a distance and then leave. Homi accepted this, saw Baba from that distance, handed Vishnu the garlands and sweets, and started to leave. Savak turned to Baba and asked, “May I see him off at the train station?”

“Is he your child?” Baba snapped. “Can’t he go alone? You have come to see me and are to stay here for four days – at a time when I am not seeing anyone – but if you want to go, go!”

“I want to stay,” said Savak, “but what will my friend think of me?”

“That means you think first of your friend and not of me! If you go to the station when I want you to be here – what will I think of you?”

“Forgive me Baba; you are right.”

Baba then spelled out to him, “Just remember one thing: only think of my will and don’t think of pleasing others. If you keep my will and, if in doing so, the whole world turns against you, you should learn to ignore it.

“The whole world is within me. Everything will be all right if you only think of my wish. Whatever your friend had to earn, he has earned it by seeing me briefly. There is nothing for him to think now.”
–www.lordmeher.org, p2826



Before Truth, everything fades into insignificance.
One’s life, one’s country, one’s nation, one’s universe – all are set aside where Truth is concerned. Because the only thing worth living for and dying for is the Realization of God, and after that, making others realize God.
–Lordmeher, p2842

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